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Heavy Sets Of Back Squats Felt Amazing Today, Power Cleans Not So Much

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good. I felt refreshed even and that doesn’t really happen to often. The past few weeks especially there have been little noises that kept waking me up through out the night just at the worst time to make me feel like shit and un rested. This made me feel even better since I knew I had a relatively tough day of strength to look forward to this morning. At least tough for me in my mid 40s.

The first thing up as always were three sets of five back squats. Today’s weight for said back squats was 260 pounds. I knew it should feel heavy but doable.

I’ve done 265 over the summer but then last month I didn’t even attempt 260 pounds and preemptively reset the weight then. It was the right choice back then as I think I hadn’t been eating enough calories for one to sustain what I was doing. It was also getting close to the my dad’s birthday and about a month after the anniversary of his unexpected death so that weights pretty heavy on my mind this time of the year. The last time around the weight was feeling crushingly heavy from 235 up but not this time around.

The first good sign for me is I needed much less rest between the warm up sets. 135 went great, then 185 felt even better. 235 felt relatively easy and not all that heavy on my back.

The 260 was definitely heavy on my back but then again it is fucking heavy. The squats them selves felt amazing. Very explosive considering the weight and more upright than I typically am. I actually needed less rest between sets than I normally do too. If I were to go by the videos I took for seeing my form I would be inclined to say they were the best sets of squats I’ve ever done. I am happy considering this was five pounds off of my 1 rep max when we went to the Crossfit gym.

Another big plus is my knees haven’t been nearly as achy or clicky recently and seem to be improving each day. Maybe I just wasn’t eating enough food or drinking enough water for them too.

The strict presses were nothing special. I somewhat light 107 pounds but they felt really good today. Not really any difficulties with them.

The power cleans were another story though. I was supposed to do five sets of three at 185 pounds. The 180 felt great six days ago but even the 135 pound warm up set today my timing just felt really off. The next warm up set at 165 felt even more off. It was like my body was just out of sync with these today which does happen from time to time. I decided to not fight with that today and risk starting a new bad habit or worse yet risking a potential injury. I will either reset the weight next time or do the 185 depending on how the warm up feels. I think my problem with these today is doing a million hang power cleans in yesterday’s WOD. Okay maybe a million is an exaggeration but it was around 100 at 95 pounds. My guess would be I am just a bit neurologically tired from all those reps.w

I think being in my mid 40s now one of the most important things I’ve learned is to play it by feel sometimes. It’s not like I am in any sort of competition and honest as much as I wouldn’t mind doing another Crossfit one and/ or a weightlifting meet I don’t foresee either of those happening for at least a year so I am good with being a little over cautious now.

The music for today was Wormed.