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I Decided To Try A Heavy Front Squat Today

A heavy single front squat is one of the things the things I’ve been meaning to try out. My original intention was to do it the same week I did the Crossfit totals but due to my quad I thought it would be best not to push it.

Today was the day to do the front squats among other things since it’s rainy outside and we’re not doing anything else. I was optimistic that I could get up near 260ish.

The warm ups felt great. 135 felt natural. So did 185. 215 felt easy and no loosing position like I tended to do in the past. It was after this point I decided to start doing working singles.

Next up was 245 pounds. That felt a little tough at the sticking point but certainly doable with a nice pop at the top none the less. I had zero collapsing under the bar. For years I’d struggled with my upper back rounding a bit but that’s just my natural state to begin with being visually impaired I am always looking down when walking and stuff.

I tried 251 next and that was a no go. I honestly feel like I could make it and should have but just never got set right. I think I was off center on the bar a bit and it was just a little heavier than a weight in which I could compensate. I have full confidence though that I could PR the front squat if I took a few weeks to focus on them instead of back squats and I just may do that after we do our totals again in December. The loading in the front rack was just a little uncomfortable against my neck. I haven’t really done front squats that often other than in a couple of WODS since we started street parking last August.

After that I recovered a bit then knocked out a WOD from earlier in the week that I had intended on doing but time got away from me when I was doing something else, plus I wasn’t sleeping too well and feeling off. It was just 4 3 minute AMRAPS of burpees, pull ups and air squats. I surprised myself and made their goal of 12 complete rounds.

Later on I did a second WOD with the sandbag. Among other things it included sandbag front rack lunges. That’s the reason I wanted to give this particular WOD a shot, to see how my leg is with weighted lunges. I’ve done unweighted ones since it popped but have been hesitant to try out weighted ones. Today I did and they felt fine. I’d say it even felt pretty good to stretch it with them a bit.