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Ankle Feels Normal Today And I Did Great At My Strength

Thankfully, yesterday as the day went on, my foot felt better and better and the swelling went down on the outside of my ankle. I strongly considered doing my strength yesterday on the day it was scheduled, but decided the smart thing to do would be to hold off until at least today in case it would act up again. The only conclusion that makes sense to me that I can come up with is that I bruised the outside point on the bone. That’s where it really hurt and was tender to the touch Saturday. It was swollen but not that bad, but it did fucking hurt.

Today I woke up, and it felt completely normal, so I contemplated whether to attempt my strength today or hold off another day while I drank my morning coffee. I ended up deciding to proceed with my lifts, but with caution, and to abort them if I felt the slightest bit of discomfort. I felt none, had full mobility, but then again I had full mobility on Saturday too.

The front squats were light at 185 pounds. My original plan was to drop back to 195 after Friday’s abort, but decided with the foot thing that I’d go a little more conservative with it. The warm-up sets felt great, and the working sets felt even better. They felt good enough that, considering it’s lightness, I threw in two extra sets of five for a total of five at the 185 pounds. They felt and looked great. I did take a longer rest between sets than I typically would at this weight, just to be sure nothing crept up in my foot. Needless to say, I was thrilled with being able to squat with weight again. I’m only a day behind, but still, I just hate missing days.

Next up, I had strict presses at 115 pounds for three sets of five. It’s a moderate weight for me, but really felt surprisingly good and easy today, so I went ahead and did two more sets to get a bit more work in. Some days weight in this ballpark feel really tough and others it feels easy. Today was one where it felt easy. I worked through them pretty quickly, so then it was on to the next lift.

Next up was deadlifts! Who doesn’t love deadlifts day? For these today, I slowly warmed up, taking more warm up sets and reps than I normally would to feel out how the extra pressure on my ankle felt and worked. I knew the 265 pounds I had programmed for this day was getting up there regarding the weight for me. The warm-ups felt great and better as I did more.

I ended up easily making it through my 265 pounds, and I even did five sets of three instead of the singles. I felt like it would be good to get some extra work in now with more stress on my ankle yet have rest between sets to feel it out and decided whether I should consider WODs or hold off. The deadlifts today actually felt outstanding and looked great on the ones I recorded. I have zero reasons to complain at all or be in any way disappointed with how the DL went, so that made me happy.

Finally, for today, I wrapped my strength up with hip thrusts on the box. I only did 235 pounds for sets of ten for them, but they felt excellent, and I felt no irritation with my ankle. The weight was light for me, but I made it more challenging for myself today with my consistent inability to get centered under the bar. I don’t often have a problem with that while doing my hip thrusts, but today was one of those days when I just couldn’t seem to get it quite right. Other than being slightly unbalanced at times, they actually felt good for me.

Music for the lifting was Beyond Creation.

In the later afternoon, after Molly got home, and she relaxed a few minutes, we went ahead and did our bro session. Thankfully, the garage cooled down quite a bit with the air conditioner turned on an hour or so beforehand. It’s been pretty hot the past couple of days, but more, so it’s humid.

The bro session went pretty well today. Bench felt just a little off, but not too bad. I went back to the 50 pound dumbbells for the strict presses today. These were maybe a little tougher than they should have been, but I did them. Possibly, a rep or so short of last time at this weight, but I am fine with that for now. It’s a newer weight for me, and I don’t want to and won’t allow them to get too sloppy. I used the 45 pound dumbbells for the curls, and they felt pretty easy today.

The music for our bro shit was Soundgarden.

After we finished supper, we went for a nice walk. Shorter than normal as it was later than we’d hoped, but about three quarters of a mile.

It was pretty hot out still, and the breeze was significantly less than it was yesterday. The heat and humidity were at least tolerable, but I sweated a shit ton. Good thing I had been planning on getting a quick shower before bed.

I was surprised and happy that we saw so many people out walking this evening. We saw a couple of them walking their dogs. I bet it mad the dogs happy! The dogs always come to me first. It just feels so good to go for a walk in the evening after supper. It seems to help us sleep a lot better, too.