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At Least I Did Something Today

I didn’t sleep all that great last night and I was feeling it this morning for sure. All day really I’ve just been feeling pretty tired. Playing with the dominoes with Brooke I accidentally knocked them down several times just out of tiredness. Finally she told me to go sit down, she’ll do it herself. 😆

After I took her to the bus stop and got home I quickly got changed to get my strength in for today. I wasn’t necessarily ready to do it but I needed to get it done since the afternoon would be spent waiting around for the gas company to come in for some sort of inspection.

The back squats came up first and they felt surprisingly good at the 205 pounds. My legs have been feeling like dead weight since I got up so I thought that these squats might be more of a mental challenge than they really were. They felt fairly easy today I very explosive The only reason I stuck with the three sets is I just felt so pressured for time today.

Today’s bench press just sucked. Didn’t feel right at all. Not even the warm up sets. I think half my issue was that I was feeling rushed to get through them and just didn’t have the bench lined up right. I failed the first rep of my first working set. I just aborted it. Maybe I will stick with the 170 pounds for next session depending how I am feeling then. Bench press is one of those lifts I just like taking my time with.

Good mornings at 120 pounds for three sets of ten actually felt good. I got through them pretty quickly. Feeling pressured for time helped speed things up a bit.

Played XBOX while waiting for the gas company a bit. First time I played that in months and enjoyed playing Forza 5. That game was a lot of fun and the graphics are ridiculous. The gas company never did show up. At least they had the courtesy to call and cancel a few minutes before the time slot was up due to an “emergency”. Assholes, I could have been outside collecting some sunshine or getting a WOD in or doing anything but sitting around waiting for them.

Nice walk in the evening. About 1.15 miles. Didn’t need my hoodie because it was still in the low 60s. Felt great to get some fresh air. The nice weather party is over for now though. Tomorrow will be okay but then it should be cooler an rainy, like spring usually is.

Music today’s lifting was Alice In Chains.