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Back Up To Seven Strict Pull Ups

Working Through the starting strength program today I was back to Bench press and pull ups day today. I’ve been taking it somewhat easy on the pull ups since I lost a lot with a lump on my one wrist last year that head me back for like a year. It was only effecting pull ups. While the lump is still there bit it hasn’t been effecting me in any way since I started the street parking thing.

Today I managed a set of seven strict pull ups. I didn’t go to failure because it was the first set but I felt like there was one or two more in me today. They felt easy to tell the truth. I am hesitant to go to failure here since I have to do them with my legs bent and don’t know if I’d have time to get my feet back under me if I slipped off the bar.

Failed on the last set of squats at 250 pounds though, which was a big disappointment. My hip has been a bit angry since doing a sandbag WOD the other day and stepping wrong carrying the bag when an acorn rolled out from under my food. The squats felt hard but doable without too much difficulty. I’m definitely not used to the weight of the bar on my back though. Next time it’s back to slightly lower weight to start again but I am happy with getting to the 250 pounds. My old max was 310 with 285ish being an any day heavy single so I am still in the ball park if you use one of the calculators.

It’s been a while that I’ve done anything remotely heavy. Probably since we started doing street parking last August. I spent the past 8 months really focusing on breathing and cardio aspect of fitness. Now it’s time to keep that and get stronger!