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Strength Plus A WOD Today After Almost Not Doing Anything

I woke up about 5 am and drank my coffee. While waiting for Brooke to get dropped off we noticed it was snowing and sticking. The fact that it was sticking wasn’t a surprise because it’s been plenty cold enough for that and the ground is frozen solid as a rock. When she got here we played with dominoes. I had to show her outside the box ways to stack them like vertically and alternating.

When we took her to the bus stop her and I were chasing each other around with snowballs and she was smearing snow on me again and putting it in my jacket pocket. To her that was the funniest thing in the world. She got that idea after throwing ice at me the other day and it landing in my pocket.

After that we got our grocery shopping done. Old people everywhere just standing around waiting for prices to drop I guess.

First things up for my strength today as usual were my back squats. They were light for me at only 200 pounds so I did two extra sets fore five sets of five with no problems at all. I did feel my knee still being a tad angry but not as bad as the other day and it in no way affected my squats.

My strict presses were a moderate weight at 112 pounds and they felt pretty good considering my shoulder’s bugging me a bit today. I slept wrong on it. The things that happen when you’re in your mid forties. It really hurt when I woke up on it but felt better shortly after I rolled over at least. It’s just some residual irritation now. Either way it wasn’t too much of an issue with my shoulder presses. I kept it at the three sets to not over do it but could have done more.

Last up with the strength portion of my day was the power cleans. I did my five triples at 160 pounds and they actually felt pretty light today. I did feel like my timing was off just a bit but they looked good and Molly said they looked really good and easy.

After I did my strength I did today’s WOD. Row 250 and in my case I scaled the toes to bar to alternating between supine toe touches with the sandbag and knees to elbows on the bar. That was just so I didn’t do too much of one thing or the other and overwork my shoulder. I also took it a tiny bit slower. It wasn’t really about going all out today as much as it was about getting some good intensity and movement in.

Music today was Einherjer.