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Made It Back Into The Garage Today But It's Hot And Humid

I slept decent last night, but not nearly enough. I woke up at 4 in the morning or so and had to piss. I was tired and really wanted to go back to sleep. I tried, I really tried, but I kept thinking about the coffee I smelled and how good it would taste. Eventually, I decided to just embraced the thing that is known as coffee and got up, so I could drink some. It was worth it.

I started out with my front squats shortly after the tree guy left, I wanted to avoid getting started on my lifts until he left, in case he needed anything. For these, I lowered my weight to 190 pounds today rather than the 230 I was supposed to do. With the heat and the last couple of days’ stress, I preferred not to be attempting a weight that would have been a PR for me. The 225 last week was pretty rough. As I discovered as I went through my three sets of five at the 190 pounds, it was a good decision to lower it. Today’s squats were uncharacteristically tough for this weight. I just felt like I was not moving that well on this day. I completed my three sets and felt good after I was done, at least.

Next up, I had my three sets of five strict presses. These were thankfully light ones at 100 pounds. Like the squats before, these were more challenging than they should have been for the given weight, but they weren’t too bad. At least I felt like I was moving fairly well for the strict presses.

Finally, I had my deadlifts. My deadlifts for today were at only 235 pounds today, since I’d failed last time, and even these felt heavier than they really should have for the weight.

Music for my strength today was Alice In Chains.