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What A Day For Weather

Wednesday, Sep 1, 2021
With the remnants of what was Hurricane Ida approaching the and passing the area it brought all sorts of extreme weather for this area and the entire region really. Flooding all over the place and some tornadoes were the main features.

Tomorrow And Tomorrow Night Look To Be A Mess

Tuesday, Aug 31, 2021
With the remnants of what was Hurricane Ida approaching the area then interacting with a cold front right in our area tomorrow and tomorrow night certainly look to be a mess. I don’t know if it will be right here In Mount Joy but where ever thing set up their will be a lot of rain.

It's A Rainy Day

Sunday, Aug 22, 2021
I woke up this morning to very heavy rain from the tropical moisture that Henri brought to the area. It’s not directly hitting us but it’s close enough to pump up the water into the atmosphere. Later in the morning the rain slacked off to maybe drizzle or spitting. It didn’t matter to me to do a WOD though since that’s in the garage. I made a mistake by not turning on the air conditioner when I did it.

Rain Storm With temperatures In The Forties

Saturday, Jan 25, 2020
Back to the normal pattern for this winter. We got to have a rain storm over night again but it was relaxing hearing the rain fall outside. It sounded like fairly heavy rain every time I woke up. I’m guessing we had over an inch. Imagine if that had been snow! At least it’s not 33 and rain. Those are the worst winter storms when it’s that close to being snow yet it’s only rain and just feels so raw and cold outside.

2018 The Year Of Flooding In Lancaster

Thursday, Dec 27, 2018
2018 was the year of rain, humility and flooding. It rained then rained some more than rained even more most of the summer. It seemed like every other day we were in a flash flood watch then it quickly escalated into a flash flood warnings. Twice most areas here around Mount Joy were flooded with most roads in blocked. The second time I remember we had thunderstorms for a few hours with 10+ inches of rain in that time.

If Only It Had Been Snow

Friday, Dec 12, 2008
We had a nice moisture rich storm system move from the gulf coast up the East coast.. The system is currently causing snow and major ice in the new England states. Here we were in the mid 50’s all day yesterday with rain and then in the evening the rain became heavy. ended up with 2 - 3 inches of rain in the area. My Davis vantage pro measured 2.06 inches of rain here.

Tropical Storm Hanna Makes Landfall

Saturday, Sep 6, 2008
Tropical storm Hanna moved into the Carolinas last night and north, then northeast through Virginia and is now off the coast. It dumped heavy rains in some areas and in my back yard we received heavier rainfall than I had expected. I figure that was going to happen when I saw the radar this morning and felt the humidity. Dew point of 72 or 73 today made it feel like summer and not September.

July 13th Storms

Monday, Jul 14, 2008
Well I guess our storm shield has ended. We ended up having a pretty nice storm yesterday. Not severe but had some nice wind and heavy rain of course. The rain was not nearly as heavy as last week though. I only measured a quick .3 inches of rainfall. It did feature lots of cloud to ground lightning. Unfortunately for me most of the lightning was in a direction I couldn’t see from the porch but heard lots of fire calls on the scanner for lightning strikes.

Heavy Rain May Lead To Minor River Flooding

Wednesday, Mar 5, 2008
I got woken up last night by howling winds and the heaviest downpour since last summer. My Vantage pro2 said 2.06 inches an hour for rainfall rates.. It also said it’s raining cats and dogs, well no shit! Sounds like there is a little minor flooding out there now. I got up and looked at the radar.. What an impressive squall line it showed. Haven’t seen one like that cross this area in a while.