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It's A Rainy Day

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Today it is a rainy day. My middle finger is a bit angry from curling my step grandson yesterday. I did a lighter WOD than I normally have because of that. When we went for a walk in the evening, I had to jump in the puddles because life’s too short to not have fun.

Tropical Storm Hanna Makes Landfall

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Tropical storm Hanna moved into the Carolinas last night and north, then northeast through Virginia and is now off the coast. It dumped heavy rains in some areas and in my back yard we received heavier rainfall than I had expected. I figure that was going to happen when I saw the radar this morning and felt the humidity. Dew point of 72 or 73 today made it feel like summer and not September.

July 13th Storms

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Well I guess our storm shield has ended. We ended up having a pretty nice storm yesterday. Not severe but had some nice wind and heavy rain of course. The rain was not nearly as heavy as last week though. I only measured a quick .3 inches of rainfall. It did feature lots of cloud to ground lightning. Unfortunately for me most of the lightning was in a direction I couldn’t see from the porch but heard lots of fire calls on the scanner for lightning strikes.