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Pretty Good Lightning From A Storm That Was Just Missing Us

The past couple of days have been hot and very humid with showers and thunderstorms popping up every day. A nice cluster popped up this evening but missed us by a mile or two. We did get a nice view of cloud to ground lightning under the storm.


Surprise Thunderstorms Last Night

I got woken up by a nice surprise thunderstorm last night. Radar showed a line exploding with warnings to our west. We got under a break in the line but still had a nice light show.


July 13th Storms

I guess our storm shield has ended here. We wound up having a nice thunderstorm here with good winds. It wasn’t severe but it was a good storm nonetheless.


Nearly Stationary Thunderstorms

Yesterday was a very humid day. Small thunderstorms were popping up but missing us. They seemed to be focused along the Susquehanna and were stationary.


Early AM Thunderstorms

We had near misses of thunderstorms yesterday and last night but nothing hit us. Early this morning I got woken up by thunder. Turned out a small one formed right over us.


Last Night's Lightning

Last night we had a really good thunderstorm. It featured lots of close lightning strikes with very bright flashes.


June 19s Thunderstorms

Yesterday was one of the best thunderstorm days we’ve had ina while. We had some lightning that was a little too close for comfort for me to sit on the porch/