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Nearly Stationary Thunderstorms

Yesterday was a very humid day and pretty warm too. It featured small thunderstorms popping up all day long but completely missing us. Most of the day they seemed to be focused along the Susquehanna river. They were pretty much stationary but drifting slightly with a south to north component. They almost seemed to be forming along the hills on the river.

By suppertime I had written off any rain for us because the last i had looked at the radar they were weakening. After supper I came up stairs thinking to check my email. As the computer was booting I heard fairly close thunder so shut it right back down.

By the time it shut down I went out side. It was very dark here with bright skies to the north. The dark clouds above us looked low and had that bit of a boiling look to them. By now the lightning was pretty frequent just to out south and south west. and we were getting very heavy rain. for maybe 10 minutes. The rain let up with just a little sporadic drizzle now.

There were lots of random smallish dark clouds in the sky moving in different directions. Now there was a breeze that kept switching directions but seemed the strongest from the west. The clouds rapidly gathered to the north east and after a couple of minutes of that there started to be flashes of lightning off in that area.

The rain let up so we decided to run to the gas station so Molly didn’t have to do that this morning on her way to work.

While getting gas the clouds were rapidly spreading from the North east and the west. On the way home it started to pour with large drops of rain. The rain came down so hard it couldn’t even run off of our front yard fast enough. It just looked like a big puddle.

After that let up the temperatures here were in the upper 60s with a dew point of 66. Not too bad and that made for a good night sleeping sans air conditioning.

I know the NWS had issued a flash flood warning because of radar estimating six inches of rain in two hours. That wouldn’t surprise me at all. We probably had less than a half an hour of rain total and my vantage pro measured .64 or something like that. We were on the edge of the storms and seemed like a few areas were constantly under them.

These storms were no where near severe but it was just cool to watch the life cycle of the storms and besides that it was nice to not get missed completely for a change. Looking at radar afterwords they seemed to have developed along route 30. I wonder if Chickies ridge was just enough to help them develop.