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June 19s Thunderstorms

Yesterday was one of the best storm days we’ve had in a while. It didn’t seem like things would work out for us to have good storms when the first line weakened as it approached. I was pretty disappointed because before I shut down the computer and went outside to watch they looked great. For a minute or two it even seemed like the sky wanted to turn green. They weakened when they hit the river.

About 9:00 pm I was on the computer and heard a bit of thunder in the distance. Looked at the radar and there was one red pixel near here. Turned out to be a developing storm. Went outside and watched until the lightning got too close for comfort. I’ve seen it closer but there was lots of intense cloud to ground lightning. That storm passed pretty quickly then it started getting foggy.

Started hearing thunder again around 10:30 pm. I noticed the power dimming a couple of times before the lightning was even close so I knew that would be a good storm. Again there was tons of frequent cloud to ground lightning After the storm passed there continued to be a lot of lightning in the clouds. It also featured some very loud thunder. I also noticed many of the lightning flashes had a green glow for a few seconds afterwards. I couldn’t believe we never lost power.

I’m ready for more storms.