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Early AM Thunderstorms

We had near misses yesterday and last night with some awesome thunderstorms. Yesterday afternoon we had one that pretty much formed over the next town east of here. There was lots of lightning a mile or two off to the east and then a heavy shower formed right over us. Then it ended with storms still hanging to our south and west.

When I went to bed there were thunderstorms that looked good on radar along the Maryland and Pennsylvania border. Molly woke me up about 3:00 AM or so because she saw the lightning and thought I’d enjoy watching it. I went out on the porch and watched as the lightning pretty much stayed a mile or two to our east. The power went off for a few seconds but we only got a little rain.

I got woken up about 4:30 or 5:00 am by thunder again and this time it was very close lightning and really bright flashes. Turns out a small cell formed right about over us and put out some lightning and rain then weekend but it wasn’t over. We kept being on the edge of the main storms with a little rain here and there.

Down around Millersville and Lancaster seemed to get the best of it if the radar was accurate. That’s also where most of the thunder was coming from. It was the house shaking loud thunder even though it wasn’t very close to here.

The odd thing is I kept hearing thunder for over an hour when the storms were into Berks county on radar there was still distant rumbles and a lot of them. It reminded me of how storms would be up the mountains where the thunder seemed to echo along the valleys.

The sun is out now and the temperature is up into the low 80s with a dew point floating around 70. That should add lots of fuel for potential thunderstorms for us later. It could help them have plenty of lightning which seems to be the theme for this summer’s storms anyways. I’m hoping for the best.