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Nice Soaking Rain Yesterday Into Today

The weather has been pretty dry here all year. Last winter and spring were dry, and here in my backyard, we were for the most part the have-nots in the have or the have-not convective summer rain. As of this morning, we’re sitting at 25 inches for the year. I believe it should be closer to 35 inches for the year to date.

We had a nice, juicy storm move through, dropping nearly 1½ of an inch of rain between the two days. It was steady and soaking rain. It was a raw and breezy day yesterday to go along with it. The weather gave me those winter storm vibes. For snow, I’d like to see the wind coming more from the northeast than the east, but at least it was something.

It was breezy, but there was nothing strong. There weren’t really any significant gusts. I didn’t hear any, and my weather station didn’t record any. The wind wasn’t really in the forecast, though, so it wasn’t unexpected. Well, it wasn’t in the forecast if you don’t pay attention to a certain local TV station that hypes everything these days.

Last winter, we didn’t really have too many juicy storms. The Gulf of Mexico was mostly closed for business when it came to storms pulling in moisture. The few that did tap into it were suppressed off the southeastern coast. I hope things are different this winter, but only time will tell what Mother Nature has in store.