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It's A Rainy Day

I woke up this morning to very heavy rain from the tropical moisture that Henri brought to the area. It’s not directly hitting us, but it’s close enough to pump up the water into the atmosphere.

Later in the morning, the rain slacked off to maybe drizzle or spitting. It didn’t matter to me to do a WOD though since that’s in the garage. I made a mistake by not turning the air conditioner on when I did it. The back of my hand. Really, the tendon to my middle finger is a bit pissy today from “curling” the grandson yesterday, so I went pretty light on the dumbbells for the WOD

I only used the 25 pounder and that’s okay. It made sense for today. It was a just move and do more than nothing type of day. I actually ended up going way above the goal reps for this ladder type of WOD. The light weight allowed me to keep going unbroken on the movements. Hell, my heart rate didn’t really even get all that high today.

Plus, I wanted to see how my hand felt during and more importantly, after the WOD. It was fine during and even better later in the afternoon. I went to pick up my water bottle, and it cracked, and I had instant relief.

We went for a walk late in the evening after we did some things we had to do. Of course by then the rain had picked up, but it was warm and tropical feeling outside. Me being, me, I jumped in the puddles. Life is too short to not have fun. Live it and make the best of it.