2018 was the year of rain, humility and flooding. It rained, then rained some more, then rained even more often and heavily most of the summer. It seemed like every other day we were in a flash flood watch, then it quickly escalated into flash flood warnings.

Twice most areas here around Mount Joy were flooded with most roads in blocked. The second time I remember we had thunderstorms for a few hours with 10+ inches of rain in that time. That day there was just standing water everywhere where I’ve never seen it before.

Little Chiques Creek flooded several times this summer, Both close to, if not higher than, it crested from Tropical Storm Lee. The thing about that is I wonder how much of a factor the massive developing upstream helped increase the runoff and flooding.

I don’t remember seeing a year like this with the amount of persistent thunderstorms and humidity. It seems like it never dried out over the summer except for one week which was fortunately the week we were down the shore. The rain wasn’t even tropical in nature directly. Sure we had the humidity and moisture, but it wasn’t directly related to any land falling tropical systems or remnants of them.