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Good Old Fashioned Rainy Day

When I woke up this morning, it was chilly and clear. The temperature then was in the upper 40s. It rose into the middle 60s when the sun came up. The sun only lasted until around the middle of the morning, when clouds moved in and thickened pretty quickly.

By noon, the rain had begun, and it rained at varying intensities after that. It was nice to hear the steadier rain falling. Something about hearing it hit the roof and gutters just makes me feel good. It’s a calming and relaxing sound to me when it’s a light to moderate rain falling.

Even though I was watching the Phillies game, it was bringing back memories of listening to Eagles games on a rare trip up the mountains on a rainy and chilly fall day. That wasn’t a common occurrence. We didn’t normally go up there on rainy weekends except for hunting season, and we were usually well on our way home long before an Eagles game would start. The other thing that makes it uncommon is that autumn is our driest season around here, so there aren’t that many rainy days.