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Strength Was A Bit Of Good And A Bit OF Bad Today

I wasn’t feeling my strength at all today. I mean I slept really well last night and feel really well rested today. My body and in particular my legs today just feel a lot like dead weight. Even just walking they want to nope the shit out today but I thought I can at least attempt my lifts today. If it felt really bad and I failed everything I just repeat this day but as it turns out I don’t have to do that.

Continuing my switch to front squats for a while I did the said front squats at 200 pounds today. Given they felt heavy as hell and the way I felt plus the fact I have heavy deadlifts today I opted to only do three sets of five. While the squats felt really heavy today the video showed nice fast explosive front squats with nearly perfect form. I guess I am just not used to the FS like I had been in the past making them feel worse than they are. My quads are a little angry today from yesterday’s power snatches and one sided dumbbell squats.

Next up I had to do strict presses at a fairly heavy for me 125 pounds today. In the end they proved to be my failure point for today. I’m going to guess that all the power snatches I did in yesterday’s EMOM was a major factor in the fail but I’m okay with it. They didn’t feel so great even with the bar today. I did manage 4 out of the five reps in the second set. They just felt off from the start today. Shit happens sometimes though.

Finally the deadlifts. I had to do these lifts with 295 pounds today. This day was one of those types of days that really surprised me here with this particular lift. The weight is heavy for me and I’ve failed it more than once recently but today they were fast and explosive. I would go so far as to say that the weight felt like warm up reps for me. Grip wasn’t even a problem for the deadlifts. I must have counted up and added up the plates ten times at least being unsure of my count because it was so surprising.

Music for today was Alice In Chains.