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My Lifting Was Just What I Needed After Yesterday's Shit Show

I woke up this morning feeling much better than yesterday went.

After I took Brooke to the bus stop yesterday I came home and walked out into the garage gym to throw the wash in the dryer. I stepped in a puddle. That’s not good I thought. Turns out my girlfriend didn’t put the washer drain pipe back into the drain after checking to make sure that it wasn’t frozen. For years it would freeze on the coldest of days. It’s fixed now but old habits die hard. Turns out when we pulled the paneling off the wall there was a hole to the outside that we couldn’t see from the outside.

Needless to say yesterday was spent with the shop vac sucking up the puddles and dragging the mats outside to dry out. I was thankful that we have the smaller mats because they’re just easier to maneuver. Luckily the water didn’t get on the rower side of the garage yesterday so I was able to get an endurance WOD in.

Today I was feeling pretty good so I got to my strength fairly early. The back squats were first with a heavier than I’m used to 225 pounds. They felt really good for me today though. They felt great and much easier than I would have expected them to feel. I easily got through my three sets and added in an additional two more sets since they did feel so good.

Bench press came up next and they felt pretty good unlike last time I went for this 150 pounds and failed it for some unknown reason. I got through them pretty easily today.

Finally I did my good mornings. These felt really good today for my three sets of ten at 120 pounds. They felt a lot easier than they have in the past. Something felt different about them.

I rested a bit then jumped into today’s WOD. It was four rounds of kettle bell swings, air squats and row 500 meters. The WOD called for overhead swings but they’re stupid so I did eye level. I didn’t feel it today so I stuck with the 24kg kettle bell today and in the end most of them went overhead because it’s lighter than I’m used to. I was surprised how tough the WOD felt on my legs today. That row was not fun but at least I had 2 minutes rest between rounds.

Music today was Candlemass.