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Did Better Than I Expected With My Lifting This Morning

Last night we went to Joy’s as we usually do. We went with the neighbor s and I ended up drinking more than I normally do. To add to that we had glass of wine when we got home so I had really poor sleep last night. It was warm enough that I was too hot under the covers, especially with my liver working hard to metabolize away the alcohol. It wasn’t warm enough to be out from under them.

At least I slept in a bit until 6:15 or so! After I drank and we took Brooke to the bus stop I decided to give my strength a try. I was debating on whether I should do it today or weight tomorrow. I ultimately decided to do it this morning, or at least try it.

The back squats were up first for my three sets of five of them. They were pretty heavy for me today at 235 pounds but I felt great with the working sets. The warm ups were tougher than the working sets but as I got my body moving they felt better. I was really not expecting them to feel as easy as they did. The closest thing to having an issue with them at all is the one rep in the last set where I was almost too up right and stepped backwards at the top as I got a little off balance. I just had a little too much weight on my heels that rep.

The strict presses were going to be a pretty heavy 125 pounds for three sets of five today. The warm ups felt goods but the first working set rep didn’t so I aborted. I guess maybe that 100 pushup WOD I did yesterday hit my shoulders pretty good. Oh well.

Finally my last lift of the morning were the heavy deadlifts for five singles at 295 pounds. The warm ups like the squats felt a bit tougher than they should have but when I got to the working weight they suddenly felt, dare I say, actually easy. They were fast deadlifts with my back not even giving a little bit. Even my grip felt great with them. I know if I can get past the mental block of heavier weights there’s plenty more in the tank. I will always have in the back of my mind thinking about how my back used to round a bit. That really doesn’t occur any more though.

It was already in the low 50s℉ by the time I finished my lifting session so of course I had to take my cushions out and just sit and chill in the bright, strong sunshine. The high temperature today was 37℉ higher than the low. It felt great to collect some more vitamin D. It’s just what Dr. Carl ordered. The only problem is it was pretty breezy today. Other than that it quickly made it into the upper 50s.

Music today was Suicidal Tendencies..