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Today It Was Hot And My Lifts Were Heavy But It went Perfectly

Today It’s humid and hot. My lifts for today were on the heavy side except for the front squats, but they went really well. It was really very surprising how the heat didn’t make my lifts more difficult. We have to install the air conditioner into the window soon. I can deal with a day or two at a time, but not day after day of heat and humidity.

First things first, today I had front squats for three sets of five at only 200 pounds. I was thankful for this after yesterday’s thrusters. My ankle is feeling a bit “weak” today from tripping over the dumbbell one too many times with the burpees, but it didn’t bother my squats or anything else for that matter today. I worked my way through these sets pretty quickly.

The strict press was the lift that was up next, and this is where things got real. I had three sets of five to do at the nice heavy 130 pounds. This has been my failure point in the past, but today I was having none of that. The weight was absolutely challenging, but not once did it feel like it was close to a failure weight. I would even go so far as to say that they felt better, lighter, and smoother than last time. They looked great too!

Next up was the deadlift, and this was the part of today that made me the happiest. I had to do five of them today at an enjoyable heavy 295 pounds. I’ve failed this weight before, but today the lifts felt great. They were all pretty fast deadlifts with no form breakage at all. Even my grip felt good. I didn’t have that feeling that I typically have of the bar wanting to slip out of my hand. Even the last one looked as good and fast as the first one. It was so surprising to me that I think after each one I counted the plates and added up the weight again to make sure I hadn’t fucked up in my loading the bar. But every count confirmed the correct weight.

Finally, today and by this time it was hot, I did my hip thrusts with the box. These felt great and looked solid at 235 pounds today. The hip thrusts used to feel okay, but to me, they didn’t feel quite right last fall, but I’ve got it figured out now, so I’m pushing the weight.

I once again used the 50s for the bro session that we did later in the afternoon. It was hot and humid, but cooled off nicely as we got the edge of a dying thunderstorm. Just a few distant rumbles of thunder, but at least it cooled the temperatures off a bit. I used the 50 pound dumbbells for bench which was light but also for the shoulder press again. They felt lighter today for the strict press and I managed a conservative 8, 8 and 8.

Music for today was Testament.

After supper, we went for a nice but short walk. It was damp. Now just humid but it was cooled off nicely, so it was a pleasant walk with the birds singing and calm air. It was a good way to unwind for the day.