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Strict Presses Are My Lift WIth Hardly Any Progress

Squats are where it’s at for me to make progress and make big jumps. Strict presses, on the other hand, are where progress is almost nil. My last PR was years ago for presses. Sure, I’ve been able to eke out an extra rep here and there, but I haven’t moved up in weight. My form has gotten better with all the reps over the year, but progress is rare.

They are like a nemesis for me when it comes to pushing weights. One rep in a set feels easy, then the next one is a big fat “haha, nope” rep. The same goes for adding weight. Even the smallest change can make a world of difference. Progress just feels impossible with presses but I still do them and give them my best effort.

I still have hope that I can make a body weight press some day in my life, but I know that there’s not a great chance of it ever happening. It doesn’t stop me from hoping, though.

Music for today’s presses was Mastodon.