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Back At My Strength After A Brief Break From It

I have taken a couple of days off from my heavy lifting after I had a little bit of a spasm in my side doing front squats on Sunday. Even then I felt I could have finished but I racked the bar, unloaded it and walked away figuring I just needed a bit of a break. After all I am in my mid 40s and sometimes rest is good. Thankfully even Monday I felt better and did some pause back squats with just the empty bar to see how I felt. I felt fine with them and had full mobility with zero hesitation but still thought it best to not do my actual lifting for strength until today.

I think another factor my soreness is that my girlfriend had bought me new under armor running shoes. They’re soft and not all worn out like my old ones and I’ve been wearing them for our walks plus did a short sprint in them on Friday night. They were very,very different on my feet. Not uncomfortable or anything like that but just different and it’s going to take some getting used to the more unstable shoes.

I did five sets of five of my front squats today and honestly they felt great and had no issues with tightness or anything. Of course I lowered my weight down to 175 pounds to play it safe and feel things out. I was happy to be squatting again.

Next up I had bench press. I did the two extra sets of this for five sets of five since it was a light 150 pounds. These actually felt surprisingly good today. The real challenge for me was getting the stupid bench situated correct. I don’t think I had it centered just right or line up correctly until the last two sets. We’ll file that under visual impairment issues. I always have a problem with getting it set up right but today was notably worse than usual.

Finally I had the good mornings to do. Given my side tightness the other day which I really think was triggered by a slightly tight hamstring and/or glute I decided to knock the weight back on these today. I did the three sets of ten of these lifts at 75 pounds rather than the 100 pounds I’ve been doing. They felt really good today.

Music was Nile.

Later on in the day I decided to do my weekly weighted pull up EMOM. I did it in the middle of the week this week due to the WOD I did on Monday involving 30 burpee pull ups plus a angry muscle in my side. Today they felt pretty good for a 20 minute EMOM of two 35 pound weighted pull ups. Much to my surprise today they really didn’t even degrade like they normally do and all felt pretty good.

The music for this was Virus. I just love their bass.

Then finally in the afternoon we did our bro session together. I kept the dumbbell bench press at three sets today and stuck with the 50s considering today I benched with the bar. I don’t want to overdo the bench pressing. I also stuck with the 50s for the three point rows. That’s a lift that I had always struggled with so I like to do that in.

Music for the bro shit was Virvum