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Twenty Rep Squats And Dead Lifts Felt Pretty Good Today

Today I decided to do Street Parking’s first vault WOD of the year so I can get it over with. I had no idea how my knee was going to be today. Yesterday when we were out walking I slipped on ice. I didn’t fall but my feet slipped out from under me, sideways on one of the dips in the curb. I felt me knee twist on the spot and as the day went on yesterday it felt a bit worse. The area around the knee cap, especially the outside kept tensing up last evening then twitching and releasing. This morning I woke up and it seemed just fine.

I started off the morning by doing the vault WOD which was burpees, air squats then sandbag ground to overhead. After a rest it was more burpees, air squats then clusters. I did not go all out on the WOD with me knee yesterday. I went with more of a moderately fast pace so I could feel and be aware if I needed to back off or stop. It turns out that I was just fine but it’s better to be safe than sorry. I have to say I really like the Norse mythology theme. Norse mythology is much better than the more well known Greek that they used last year. The WOD itself was fun too. I wasn’t mad with how I did with this WOD but instead I was pleasantly surprised how I wasn’t all that far off of the goal times than I expected without really trying. I look forward to using the barbell for the bar version of this WOD outside when the weather is more cooperative.

After that I went for this week’s twenty rep squats since I hadn’t done them yet after maxing last week. Given my knee I backed off a bit on the weight and instead of doing the 235 pounds I was supposed to do I went with a more moderate 215 pounds so I didn’t overdo things with my knee. They felt really good. Maybe a little heavier than they should have for the weight but then again I didn’t really allow myself that much recovery after doing the WOD. My heart rate got way up there though but again I wasn’t really fully recovered from the WOD. I may go back to the 235 pounds next week or may just work my way up from here. We’ll see how I feel. This weight only puts me four weeks behind schedule which isn’t bad. It’s not the numbers that matter but it’s the work done.

After I did that I went and did this week’s deadlift program from street parking since they’re still on the lighter end of the spectrum. I felt really good doing my two sets of five at only 195 pounds today then the three triples at 230 pounds.

Music today was Einherjer.