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Last Humid Day For A While, Did Great With My Lifts And WOD

Yet another night with poor sleep. The air conditioner annoys me if I wake up in the middle of the night. I don’t know how or why it does, but it just does.

First lift of the day for today as was my front squats as always. Three sets of five of the front squats at 210 pounds is what today’s agenda called for. They felt nice and light, although I did not do anything extra with today’s high humidity and last night’s poor sleep. There was that one rep though, the second to last rep of the last set, that I came forward a bit and I have no idea why. Just a sloppy rep. That hasn’t happened in quite some time now. I think the most likely cause was sweat running down my face. The rest of my reps looked great.

Next up for today were my strict presses. These felt decent today at 112 pounds for three sets of five. Again with the humidity, I did nothing extra. The girlfriend said they looked great.

Finally, it was on to power cleans. Who doesn’t love power clean day? They’re a very fun and nice, explosive lift. For the cleans today, I had five sets of three at a moderate 165 pounds. Molly kept saying they looked great, but something was feeling off to me. They felt too slow or something, but I think that was more of the fact that the bar was harder to hold into with my hands and everything else just pouring sweat this morning. I did them with no issues at all, so that’s a good thing.

Late in the afternoon, just before supper, I decided to do a WOD. It was one that I’ve had on the back burner that had was actually programmed in the middle of July when we went for a hike and geocache, and I’d maxed my weights. It was just burpee pull-ups and sandbag thrusters. I can remember doing this WOD before, but somehow I managed not to have the score recorded. Oh well, shit happens. I know for a fact that in the past, Wodify has eaten some results.

In a way, I surprised myself with the WOD, completing it just inside the goal score. The burpee pull-ups for me were pretty broken up today with the super sweaty hands, and my hands just aren’t used to any pull-ups that aren’t strict. They were mostly chest to bar. The thrusters with my fifty pound sandbag were my quick but easier rest station. I did have a sort of funny fuck up with them. You know how you actively pull it back down to the front rack to set up for the next rep? Well, I pulled it straight into the top of my head. I just miscalculated a little there. Oops, I just reset it in the proper position and completed that set.

Music for today’s strength and WOD was Nile.