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So Close To Making My Heavy Presses This Morning

This spring and early summer’s weather has been no less than great, temperature wise. Sure there have been some hot and humid days, but they were just a few sandwiched in between some refreshing cooler and low humidity days. We have not even had to use the air conditioner at night or even brought it down from the attic yet, and last night was no different. I had a good night’s sleep with the low being in the upper fifties again

I got up and drank my coffee. I did my morning ritual of surfing the news a bit and checking my email and that sort of thing. Quickly woke up and was feeling ready to head off into the garage to get the work in.

I woke up and drank my coffee, itching to get out into the gym before it warmed up. The other thing is that I am waiting for a package and don’t know if I have to sign for it. New toys for the garage! Around 7:00 AM or so, I got changed and headed off into the garage. The barrel guys were working already, making their noise, plus I didn’t expect any loud missed lifts.

I started off with the moderate to heavy back squats. Today’s plan was three sets of five of them at two hundred and forty-five pounds. I took my time working up through the warm-up sets and those were feeling good. I felt like I was moving really well today with no tightness to work out. The working weight sets felt even better. I easily could have bumped it to five sets, but didn’t with the heavy presses that were up next. Those squats were ones with really explosive driving out of the hold.

Next up for this day’s lifting session was the heavy strict presses. For today, I had to do three sets of five pressing one hundred and thirty-two pounds. I’ve never made it through that weight. The warm-up felt heavy to me today, but surprisingly good. The working weight felt great for the first set. I really didn’t even slow down on that last rep. That gave me the hunch that today may be the first time that I ever complete this weight. The second set felt and looked great too. The third and final set felt great until the last rep which I failed. I don’t think it was the weight. It was more adrenaline kicking in and getting my breath slightly out of sync, so I aborted that last rep. That was so close to a PR. I will take it and am more than thrilled that I am able to push the weight after the past year.

Last on today’s list to do were the power cleans. I was supposed to do a heavy weight, but figured it was best to drop that back to one hundred and forty-five pounds after those heavy presses. I didn’t want a double failure day, and there was a good chance that the heavy cleans would have been a fail. Besides that, my wrist is a little angry again where that annoying bump came back. They went great, as they should have for the weight, and it was a good note to end my lifting session on.

A few hours later, after I ate something and my package got delivered, I went back out to the garage to get a WOD in. Just five rounds of thirty alternating power snatches and row for calories. I missed the goal time by a little, but that’s fine today. I was absolutely pouring sweat and even though it wasn’t that humid it was still pretty warm. The snatches were all unbroken with the forty pound dumbbell with no issues at all, and to think I was considering going a bit lighter after those heavy presses. Sometimes I don’t push out of my comfort zone here quite enough. I’m trying to get better with that. The WOD was pretty intense for me today.

Music my lifting today was Pyrexia.