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I Played With A 90 Pound Sandbag Last Night

My girlfriend came up with a great idea last night. Her idea was to do an EMOM with a heavier sandbag than usual. I’ve been using 50 pounds in WODS for a while and it’s a bit too light but I haven’t wanted to over do it and push it too hard with the second filler. Turns out with the second Filler it makes the total weight 90 pounds.

I was originally going to do the EMOM with ground to overhead but that just wasn’t feeling quite right. Probably from the WOD earlier in the day but my timing just felt slightly off. It’s not that it was too heavy. I was just too sluggish or something. I decided it’s better to play it safe and switch to clean and jerks with the sandbag.

It was a 10 minute EMOM so I thought I would do the first 5 rounds at 2 a minute which wasn’t bad. I was really just using it as time to get under more weight to get used to the feeling, not to kill myself. The next 4 minutes I did 3 a round which left me plenty of time to rest. The last minute I went all out for the last minute and got 8 in that sixty second time. I was happy with it. I’m not ready or willing to try to cycle these too fast yet.

Today we’re going to grab some more sand to make it a nice even 100 pounds or maybe even a little over that. Don’t get me wrong I love the barbell stuff too. I just like a variety and as many options as possible.

I really enjoy the sandbag stuff a lot and I think this will transfer over to real world stuff really well. Maybe today or tomorrow I’ll play with sandbag to shoulder or over the shoulder.