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Short Walk On The Northwest River Trail Then Did My Crossfit Total When We Got Home

It was a nice day today, and a surprise nice day at that, so we just had to get out and go for a walk and grab a cache more. It wasn’t what I would call a nice day or anything like that, but definitely a bit cooler and less humid than recent days. Today was a tolerable day weather wise.

Our caching wasn’t one of the most successful days, but any day we can get out is a good day. It was really a last-minute decision to go out and try to get some in.

We took a few minute to just relax on a bench after we finished, didn’t want to over do it too since we’re planning on what may be a tougher on the girlfriend’s knee tomorrow. By this time, the sun had gone behind a large cloud across the river and a wonderful breeze was blowing on us.

After we got home, I turned on the garage gym air conditioner and let it cool a little before doing my Crossfit total today. I wanted to get an idea of what heavy singles would feel like now. I haven’t done that in six months or so. I wasn’t planning on going for an all out max, and haven’t felt the need to do that in years. A nice heavy single was the plan for this day.

First up was the back squats. These squats today felt great. The warm-up sets felt easy and fast. My old max that I am positive I’d hit is 295 pounds, and that weight felt pretty easy for me today. The only bad part about it is how heavy and crushing the bar was on my shoulders. I gave 315 pounds a try, as it’s a longtime goal of mine, but it was a mental fail. Strangely, looking at my video, I aborted it above my sticking point. Even now, I have no idea why I bailed on the squat. It was still moving upwards. If I had to take a guess, it’s just that the bar felt so fucking heavy on my shoulders, and I’m just not used to such heavy weight. I’m going to have to give 315 another shot sometime soon, before the next time we do our total.

Strict press felt great today also. I worked mu way up to an easy 145 pounds. Attempted 165 next, since on most good days I can get 150 or 155. I got the 165 to just above eye level. The 165 pounds would have been a lifetime PR. I feel like I could make it on the right day.

Finally, the deadlifts today felt particularly great. While I did not PR, I hit an easy 315 pounds. It’s been a long time since I’ve deadlifted the 315. I don’t believe I’d made that weight since I lost the ability to reliably use mixed grip, so grip would give out on me. The 315 felt like a normal, relatively easy warm up weight today. I failed my PR attempt at 345. The fail was pure grip and bar bending psyching me out. The 345 would have been a lifetime PR for me.

If anything, I was thrilled with my Crossfit total results for today. I didn’t necessarily PR on anything, but everything felt better, and I feel that I have gained strength. I didn’t go overboard with it, knowing that we intend to go for a lonely geocache tomorrow and no knowing what the terrain will really be like.

I completed my lifts in about 20 minutes each today. The actually Crossfit total calls for 20 minutes per lift, but doing it here at home, I allowed myself a little more flexibility if needed due to the heat and all that. I’m not set to a class schedule, but I didn’t need anything extra. I was thinking I’d allow myself to possibly go a few minutes over if I felt I required it for another attempt.

Music was Slayer!