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Great Day For My Lifting Today

Today at least for my lifting was almost a complete polar opposite of the lifts two days ago. I was in the right zone or frame of mind to deal with the heavier lifts I had to do today and remain very focused.

The squats were a pretty heavy 250 pounds today and certainly much heavier than I’ve gone since COVID. I had already accepted the possibility that it may be a fail day especially after my knee was giving me a hard time the other day. I’m in this to get stronger and not not injure myself.

The bar on my back felt heavy and soul crushing. When I first unracked the bar with the 250 pounds on it I thought just by the way it felt that there was no way I was squatting that for five reps. Then the surprising and very cool happened. I did squat it for the five reps and they felt great and very explosive. I mean I got air on the bar some of the reps. The bar continued to feel very heavy just sitting there but the squats felt like a warm up set.

Bench press went well. My shoulder is somewhat angry from a hundred sandbag burpees yesterday and I felt it a bit doing the bench reps so I didn’t push it and do the extra sets. They felt heavier than they should have on top of that but I did get through my three sets of five without any issues. They felt good, just a bit heavy.

I stuck with the 85 pounds for the good mornings today. They felt pretty good and I really focused on trying to keep my knees straighter since my hamstrings have been looser.

Music was Desecravity

Later on in the day given that it was a bit warmer outside than it has been and drier which is the real biggie for this I decided to give the suns out guns out WOD from street parking a shot. I don’t do these as often as I should but that’s mainly because so many of them have a bunch of movements I’m just not familiar with. Visually I just can’t really glance at a screen for a refresher while doing a WOD like most people can but I will have to give it a try on the TV we put in the garage gym just for such things.

The first part of this was a bunch of alternating presses using dumbbells and then 200 meter farmer’s carry. Naturally as soon as I hit the alley for the first lap of carries are car comes ever so slowly driving down the alley and wouldn’t get out of the way. I think they forgot where the gas peddle is. For this part I used the 40 pound dumbbells for both the presses and thee carries.

The presses were easy but over time I’ve gotten relatively strong at them. The farmer’s carries weren’t so easy for me. They tend to hurt my elbows but that would probably go away if I would just practice at them. I had every intention of throwing them in after we got the dumbbells last summer and fall but there was construction going on in the field behind us and I couldn’t hear anything over the constant dump truck traffic and idling bulldozers. I hope to add them in consistently once the weather becomes more cooperative for them.

The second part of this WOD was a bunch renegade rows and 100 meter overhead plate carries. The rows were tough as hell today and I only used 25 pound dumbbells for this part. Maybe I didn’t really think thing through so well when I thought it was a good idea to do this a few hours after heavy squats and moderate bench presses and on a week where the WODs have included lots of push ups or the 100 sandbag burpees yesterday.