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Another Advantage Of Working Out At Home Is

To me, the major advantage of working out at home is the simple fact that I can do it my way. I can wear what I want when I want and not really care. Granted, I don’t care what others think, but I still believe in being somewhat self-conscious of what others think. Less so than in the past, but it’s still there to a point. Ultimately, that giving any shits will be gone completely eventually.

I have found that working out in a singlet is really comfortable to me. Why that is, I really have no clue at all. It just feels good. In a public gym though it would feel somewhat awkward, but in the privacy of our own garage it really doesn’t matter. I mean, if someone looks into our window, that’s on them. I consider our garage gym to be my space for my personal gains. Well, it’s for both of us, really. If I want to wear the singlet for my lifts, then I can and do.

Something about it just makes me feel more focused on the lifts that I am performing. Maybe because my shirt doesn’t come up and annoy me. That has bothered me since I was a kid. I can’t put my finger on it, but something just feels good about it.

I found some with sleeves, which is perfect for me. I always hated shirts without sleeves. These have a zipper on the back but I’m flexible enough that it’s not a problem. The tightness and one piece aspect of it means, for me, it just stays out of the way. There’s been times when I sort of felt my shirt touch my legs squatting, and it threw me off a bit, making me think I was out of position or something.

The same with loose shorts. That always tended to throw me off with cleans. I now know that the way I learned the proper power position for cleans was when I felt the bar touch the bottom of my shorts. It’s too low. That would always make me explode too soon. I figured it out last winter when I was wearing leggings for everything in the garage. I will go back to that for sure when it’s cooler.

Strangely enough, wearing the singlet, I find it makes me feel cooler than I would even if I didn’t have a shirt on. Normally, I am just covered with sweat, but this seems to move it away from my body. For that reason, I’ve even taken to liking it for certain WODs. I especially prefer it for rowing WODs. Once you’ve gotten your shirt stuck in the rower, you always think about it.

To me, it’s far more comfortable than the long shorts that were too loose that I used to wear. While they were cheap and served their purpose and even now, I prefer them for some things, particularly running WODs. Maybe because I’m not comfortable with tight stuff outside. Maybe someday that will change.

Lifting here at home, I don’t have a coach watching me, so I tend to record many of my working sets to look at myself. The tightness aspect really helps me see what my body is doing and how I’m moving. If my back isn’t set right, I can plainly see it, and feel it for that matter. That’s the best part for me.

It’s great that with online shopping, it’s relatively easy to find different things than the old school way of running from store to store searching for something specific that you just can’t find because they wouldn’t sell enough of the item to keep it in the store.

I bought it from Shapeshifterz that I found accidentally through Etsy a while back. I really do like it and might get another one from them later on if they have anything I like. It’s just super comfortable to me and seems to be of good quality. Time will tell how long it lasts and if it’s a passing thing that I prefer lifting in it, but for now, it doesn’t seem that my preferences will change.

Be different, don’t try to fit in.