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My Lifting Felt Awesome Today

Today I woke up feeling pretty good, and It turned out to be a pretty good day too in general. Although it was humid, it didn’t get that hot, so I didn’t end up feeling overly burned out like I do when it’s too hot.

I began this great day in the home gym with my front squats at 215 pounds. They felt perfect today. Not too easy and not overly challenging, and they looked like I kept great form with them. In fact, they felt so good I pushed out of my comfort zone with them and did five sets of five of them rather than the three sets that are in the program. I felt like my form never broke with them. My torso was super upright and my elbows because of that stayed up where they belong. They just felt good all around for today.

Strict shoulder presses at 100 pounds were up next on today’s plan. Like the front squats these felt great today, so I upped the sets to five sets of five on them, but it’s a light weight and this is nothing new for me to be increasing my reps at this weight.

After completing my strict presses, I did my power cleans at 150 pounds. They felt and looked great for all five triples that I did, but the weight was light, so they should have looked and felt good.

Finally, I added in something different today, instead of the bar hip thrust. I wanted a little more out of my shoulders, so I went ahead and did five sets of five snatch grip deadlifts. I didn’t go heavy with them at all. Out of laziness I stuck with the same 150 pounds that I had used for the power cleans given that fact that I’ve really not done these snatch grip deadlifts in quite a while. They felt surprisingly good and looked great, though. They looked better than ever in several ways. First I was able to keep my feet closer and straighter than before where they wanted to turn out quite a bit. The other thing that I noticed is that I was keeping and maintaining an even more solid back position than ever. It was a decently light weight for me to do them at, but heavy enough that I could feel it.

Music for this was Dystopia.