Heavy Deadlifts Fail Like I Expected Today

Today was one of the type of days that everything was going against me to be successful with my heavy deadlifts. To start things off I woke up about early after not getting nearly enough sleep. It was one of those nights where I spent more time tossing and turning and just couldn’t get comfortable. I wasn’t uncomfortable but was unable to find the right position. I think I laid there awake for a couple of hours.

We had a really nice walk this morning then I had Brooke. Her and I played several different games before it was time to take her to the bus stop. She was very talkative today. She’s so talkative at home around her sisters but here she’s been fairy shy with me. That seems to be improving each day. She said she doesn’t like getting up early so maybe she’s tired too.

My back squats were up first and they were light at 210 pounds. Somehow they felt heavy though. That was a big clue for how my deadlift would go today. They felt great but my legs were just feeling super sluggish today. The warm up sets felt more like a later set on a very heavy day would feel. I did them and that’s what matters. For that reason and the heavy DL I would do later on I kept it to the programmed three sets of five.

Strict Presses were up next. These were thankfully light too at 102 pounds. They felt weird on my right hand. For years I had a cyst near my thumb joint that I think popped the other day finally. It’s all but completely flat now but the other tendons just feel like they have more room to move now. I noticed it first with yesterday’s pushups and pullups. Back to today’s strict presses now though. They went well but they were an easy weight. I took longer rests than I normally would bt only to make sure my wrist was fine. I did end up doing five sets of five instead of three.

I took a long break before finishing up today’s strength. Molly wanted to see the deadlifts so I ate lunch and vegged out on my tablet for a while. I was hoping I could take a nap but that didn’t happen. I feel like if I could have taken even just a little catnap I would have felt so much better for my deadlifts but that wasn’t gong to happen. At some point the wind really picked up and it cleared up as the cold front moved through. The temperature shot up 67.8 ° F with the sun shine and I sat out in the sun a bit.

Around 3:20 I started warming up for my heavy deadlifts. Yes I do warm up when I feel it’s needed but shhhh, don’t tell anyone. My warm up sets actually felt really good. I wasn’t expecting that at all with the fact that I am feeling like I am ready for bed at this point in the day. I took my time slowly adding my weight to the bar and when she got home I did my first one at the working weight of 315 pounds. It actually felt pretty easy.

Sadly that first rep was the only one that I made. The second lift my legs just felt really jerky and I sat the bar down. I’m not going for a PR today so I decided that it was a good time to walk away and be happy with the one great rep with out even using mixed grip at that 315 pounds. The fail was more of something being off with my setup I thin k. Maybe I grabbed the bar a bit off center like I do so often or maybe I pulled with it slightly too far away from me and my body was fighting too much for position. I totally forgot to record it so I don’t know for sure.

After that while I was still dressed for it I decided to get on with the modified version of today’s WOD. We were going to do it together then I realized with the movements in it we just didn’t have the space. As always the hop overs were just annoying. I chose to do push up tap taps today instead of some variation of wall walks to let my wrist get used to it’s no found mobility.

The dumbbell snatches were all unbroken sets of alternating power snatches with a 35 pound dumbbell. I haven’t gone above 25 pounds in a while with my shoulder. They felt really great and the only reason I didn’t grab the 40s is I was too lazy to grab one and I wasn’t RXing it anyways. I was surprised how well I did with how exhausted I was feeling.

Music for today was Cytotoxin earlier and then Candlemass later.