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All The Things Today

Finally, after missing a couple of days of the morning walking, I woke up this morning in time. I had actually slept pretty good, other than waking up to piss. I grabbed my thyroid pill then before I went back to sleep. That allowed me to drink a cup of coffee while Molly was getting ready to go for a walk.

It was a nice walk in the quiet morning air. It was warmer than last week for sure but still on the chilly side, but it is the middle of November, so it should be cooler. It was a really nice morning to go for our mile or so walk and get the day started with some blood movement and nice fresh air.

I drank my coffee while looking at hacker news to see if there was anything interesting to read and as always, there was plenty. After that, I ate some oatmeal and got ready to get started on my strength for the day. It was interesting to find out how widespread the Comcast outage was, but I really didn’t see any information on what may have been the cause.

My first order of business was the front squats at 220 for three sets of five. They felt really heavy today, but the weight is pretty heavy for sets of five for me. I got through them pretty easily considering how tough they felt, and they looked good. I kept my rest between the sets to a minimum today.

Next I did my strict press at 107 pounds. For these, I did five sets of five instead of the programmed three sets, and they felt nice and light today. I kept my rest with these to a minimum between sets, too. I was happy to notice that again I felt nothing abnormal in my arm other than one being slightly weaker today.

Finally, for my strength, today it was deadlift day! I did five triples of my deadlifts at 255, and they felt great. I didn’t use my belt, as now that I feel pretty comfortable using it, I will reserve it just for the heavier weights. I got through my deadlifts pretty easily. They were light for me for deadlifts, so they shouldn’t have given me any problems anyway. They did feel good today.

I drank my protein and ate an egg sandwich for lunch and allowed myself some time to digest while reading some more science type of news online. After I relaxed a bit end digested my food some, I got ready to go do a WOD

A little while after my strength, I decided to get today’s WOD out of the way. Space wise it wasn’t one we could do together, and I’m sure it wouldn’t have been a wise one for my girlfriend with all the squats and hop overs with her bad knee. 50 squats with the sandbag on my back felt good. I took them slower than I thought I needed to. The hop overs, 90 and 45 at a time, were what slowed me down, but I have to accept that it’s just not likely to be one of those things I get “good” at. The shoulder to shoulder push presses were fun and not something we do that often. I did catch my ear a couple of times with it and that didn’t feel good.

It wasn’t a WOD I thought I would do well at and was sure I wouldn’t finish it within the goal time, but I actually did make the upper end of the goal, so that was a nice little surprise for being so slow at the hop overs.

Music for my strength and WOD was Dio.

When the girlfriend got home from work, I suggested we go for a walk outside before supper, since it was sunny and near 70. She suggested Cove Park, so that’s where we went for a mile and a half or so, collecting some vitamin D.

While we were at Cove park, we noticed what seemed to be dozens of robins hopping around in the soccer field. I don’t know what they were eating out there, but there must have been something out there they were enjoying. They seemed to be mostly staying in the same area. Seeing that Definitely brought back the fond memories of Nan and Pop, who always got excited when they saw robins.

Dozens Of Robins In The Soccer Field

This is a picture many robins hopping around in the soccer field at Cove Park.

We also heard a woodpecker while we were on the trail that goes through the woods. On the loop trail around the soccer field there was a Wren in one of the trees between the park and the houses. They’re so small but so loud for their tiny size.

We really couldn’t have asked for a nicer evening to be out there going for a walk in the park this time of the year. It was great to see some others doing the same. I especially loved seeing the older person with a cane. It was a great evening for a walk as the sun was setting.

We grabbed some Penn State ice cream from Little Dippers after we left the park. They had some caramel apple cinnamon one which was really outstanding and different tasting. The Penn State ice cream has to be some of the creamiest that I’ve had. It’s pretty consistently good, too. There may have been a bad batch a couple of times when it just didn’t taste as good, but for the most part, it’s nearly perfect.