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Good Strength Day After Yesterday's Lunges

Yesterday I did a WOD that surprised me and snuck up and killed my legs. My legs have been feeling like lead weights since I woke up this morning. Not sore but just not wanting to move and zero energy. I didn’t feel like doing my strength today at all. I slept great last night but my body, particularly my legs, just felt so completely exhausted.

The front squats were my first lift of the day. I had to do three sets of five at 220 pounds today. It’s not heavy for me anymore but it’s definitely up there in weight. My front squats today felt quite a bit more challenging than they should have but at the same time they felt great. They also looked about as close to perfect as is possible. I did my three sets with no issues. It also seems my heart rate got higher than normal for them today.

Next were my strict presses were. They were a light 102 pounds so I easily got through my three sets of five. I threw in two extra sets because why not? They felt great today with my arm again not really protesting.

Finally it was time for my deadlifts. I did five triples of these deadlifts at 245 pounds. My legs again weren’t too keen on the idea of being used. I did them though with no problems and they felt good. The ones that I recorded looked great form wise s that is what I am the happiest about.

It was by this time at the end of the I was pouring sweat. It’s not hot today but it’s definitely humid. I should have probably used the air conditioner or at least the fan. I did my required lifts with no problems and felt great afterwards

Music for my strength was Atheist

A few hours later I did my WOD for the day. Just rowing, pull ups and push ups. None of the above are things I’m fast at and today I felt at least a little bit slower at the rowing with my legs having none of it. I was actually pretty surprised that my score was at the very upper end of the goal time for this WOD. I try to make the goal but there are just times when I know there are factors beyond my control that really hurt me with certain things. Rowing for instance, anyone else can just glance at the monitor as I am going but not me. I have to physically stop and move my face to be practically on the screen to see it. For calories I just don’t really have a sense of where I am at like I do when it’s meters. With meters I tend to know where I am within ten or twenty meters.

I forgot to start my music for the WOD. I didn’t even realize that I did that until after I was done and noticed it was quiet. I guess that shows how I totally focus on the WOD and tune out the music. Well I turn it out unless Molly and I are working out together then I have to fuck with her. As an old joke from in at Trinium I do air guitar lunges and squats or some other stupid shit like that to distract her.

We had salmon and it was excellent! After that we went for a nice walk. It was cooler with a bit of a damp easterly breeze but very nice temperature wise. We got a nice walk in this evening. Longer than we have been getting in. Maybe a bit over a mile and a half was the distance.