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Strength, Bro Session, Then A WOD Today

I had a really good night’s sleep last night. I think the biggest reason for that is how busy I have been keeping myself in the garage. That and it’s been cooler at night, finally. Now this morning I felt the humidity creeping its way back up so I started the air conditioner before doing my strength. I thought it would be a good idea to keep my sweaty hands under control since it’s deadlift day!

First lift of the morning for me today was the front squats. I did the two extra sets of these for five sets of five at 200 pounds. It was a light weight for me and they felt great. Any day squatting is a good day, you know. My legs are definitely feeling like they have more energy today than they did on Monday. As always for me with these lighter squats it’s more about trying to hold perfect positioning for me than doing them fast.

Strict press came up next. These are still light at 107 pounds and I got through them easily today. I even did the two extra sets for 5x5 of them. My arm is feeling really good with them. Each time there seems to be a little less of a tight feeling near the triceps. It’s been like a weird pulling sensational where they come together as if the tendon was inflamed.

Finally for my strength it was time to move on to the deadlift. The agenda for today had my deadlifts at a good feeling moderate 255 pound for me and they felt great today. Once I got to my working set I threw on my belt to get more reps practicing with that and fairly quickly worked my way through my five triples. The deadlifts themselves today felt really good and fast. The videos showed them being great looking really solid and explosive deadlifts. I have really come a long ways with these.

Music for my strength was Nile.

When Molly got home we did our bro shit together. It was a good day for this stuff again. With my arm feeling so much better I am slowly starting to push the weight again. I went back up to the 45s for the bench press today and also used one of them for the skull crushers. I went back to the 35s for strict press as to not over do it. I used the 60 pound dumbbells for shrugs and that felt good.

Very shortly after doing the bro shit I decided to do today’s WOD. Because of the movements in the WOD I knew there was no way I was going to meet the goal and I was just fine with that. Push up tap taps take me longer than they should. Switching to box step overs rather than jump overs is much slower but also much safer with our setup and my not having room to fail safely. The wall walks were slow too, Only two at a time but just not something that should be done for speed. They actually felt surprisingly very good with my arm having been so pissy. It was more of a just get some movement in type of WOD for me with practice at movements that I am just not comfortable with and it’s fine to do that sometimes. Every day doesn’t have to be all out full intensity. In the end I wound up doing much better at this WOD that I thought I would so that was a nice feeling.

The music for the bro shit and WOD was Metal Church