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I Preemptively Lowered My Squats Weight Strength Today

Today was the day if any that I knew that I was sure it was smart to just automatically reset my weight for the back squats. I was supposed to do three sets of five at 260 pounds. I am pretty sure that I would have made it but it would be challenging but my knees have been supper achy and lots of twitches throughout my leg muscles the past week. Between the above and the fact I didn’t get all that much sleep from being up watching the Eagles game last night I decided I’d play it safe. After all I am in my mid 40s. I definitely felt like I could get through them but I thought I’d be smart and listen to my body.

Bench press felt pretty good at 170 pounds. In fact they felt good enough that I did the extra sets for five sets of five. They felt pretty easy considering that the bench press is my worst lift.

Part of my problem today is I am just run down. I’ve really been upping the frequency and intensity of the WODS I’ve been doing. Some heavier but more importantly is I’ve been doing more mentally draining ones using dumbbells for relatively new movements for me.