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Good Day In The Garage

I slept good last night. I fell asleep early and quickly and I don’t think that I woke at all until I got up about 5:00 AM. I woke up feeling much more refreshed. My nose isn’t as stuffy as it has been either. I shot protein out my nose by accident and I think there was some stuck in there.

I drank my coffee and glanced through the news. If I didn’t say that the situation in Ukraine didn’t have be at least a little concerned I’d be lying. I remember the late 70s and 80s. It’s also a sad one for both parties, at least the actual people.

After I took Brooke to the bust stop I got changed and got ready to head out into the home gym. I wanted to get at my strength early this morning. If I didn’t have to take her to the bus stop I probably would have been done by 8:30.

Back squats were up first. They were a moderate weight at 225 today for three sets of five. I easily did them and kept it at just those three sets today. My knee gave out on my last night and also this morning and I was feeling it ever so slightly so I didn’t want to push my luck too much. it didn’t bother me at all but it was just one of those things that I kept in the back of my mind. Other than the hesitancy due to my knee feeling off the squats felt really great. There will be other, better days to push it but today was the day to take it easier.

After finishing up with my back squats I moved on to strict presses next. I had to do three sets of five at 107 pounds for today. The shoulder presses were light for me and felt great so I went ahead and did five sets of five. I am noticing a little less residual soreness in my wrist form that bump popping each day now and didn’t really feel much of anything at all today while doing my presses. They went pretty quickly and felt great.

Last up for my lifting this morning were the deadlifts. After last week’s fail I am back down to 235 pounds for triples. This for me is a light weight so I easily got through them with short rest but still keeping focus to make them look great and safe. With my knee feeling a tad weak I was glad they were light too! I am really happy with where my form is for deadlifts now and how consistent it is. That wasn’t always the case.z

Music today was Rush