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Mixing Up My Strength A Bit

I didn’t sleep enough last night yet somehow I’m still feeling pretty good today. There’s no telling how much lack of sleep will effect me. I’ve always been fine on little or no sleep until the past year or two. Today though I felt fine so I decided to get on with my strength and WOD while that lasted.

To start things off I mixed things up a little bit with my lifting for today and will do it for a month or two or maybe longer if it feels good. I did front squats in place of the back squats since I haven’t really worked them in a year or two and they’re my preferred squat type anyways. I thought it might help with my some what achy knee too. I did five sets of five of the front squats today at 195 pounds and I have to say they felt light and I moved really well with them for not having done them in quite some time. This was a weight I struggled with way back in the Crossfit gym but today it’s my starting weight. I was really thrilled with how they felt and looked.

Next up was the usual press. I had to do these at a fairly heavy 122 pounds. I got through them with no problems but kept being off center in the rack and bumping the plates on the top to make things more interesting. Not on purpose though! I wouldn’t have been able to get away with those shenanigans at a much heavier weight.

After that I had power cleans at 170 pounds. The bar on these was just flying today. Some weeks this weight might feel a bit heavy but not today. It was more like a warm up set.

I’ve been wanting to add in rows too so I did bent rows today at that 170 pounds for some big sets. I really just want to work my back slightly differently than I have been doing with all the heavy pull ups. I want to do that for muscular balance more than any other reason. I think balance is healthy.

A little while after finishing my strength I decided to tackle today’s WOD. They had a strict pull up option for that and that was only 3 at a time so I pushed myself to do strict chest to bar pull ups and made it through the entire WOD doing them. The push up tap taps were my slow part.

Given that I wanted to do the chest to bar to push myself today I did the 12 kettle bell swings at only 24kg. The even programmed eye level ones today rather than the dumb American ones that Crossfit uses. I wanted to save my grip a bit for the pull ups today.

Music for today was Obscura.