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Squats This Morning Then Played With The Strongman Sandbag

Last night, I got a good night’s sleep. I was surprised after eating ice late after we got home from the grocery store. Normally, eating anything late messes with my sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and take my thyroid pill, but besides that, I slept the whole night!

I woke up and enjoyed my morning coffee while perusing hacker news and some other websites. That has become part of my morning routine. It used to be Reddit, but the post quality has gone so downhill there.

I played a little Xbox while waiting for the mail to get here, but I was thinking about getting out into the garage to do my squats. I wasn’t really looking forward to them this morning. It was a day that I wasn’t feeling very confident.

I got out there pretty early this morning, and while the bar felt okay even with that very light weight, I could tell my legs were not feeling too keen on working this morning. I guess it’s a combination of those heavier dumbbells the other day that I used for a WOD and the step-ups in the vault WOD. Not to mention, I did a ton of air squats yesterday. Regardless, I worked my way up through the lighter sets slowly and steadily.

The working sets felt pretty good too. They didn’t feel easy by any means, but they felt doable. The final AMRAP was for three plus reps at two hundred and fifty pounds. I stopped at either seven or eight. I lost count. The only reason I stopped is that I felt like I did enough for today and that I lost count. Making that many reps really was a surprise for me this morning, and a nice one at that. It didn’t help me have much confidence in this set, given that the first time I unracked the bar, it felt really off. I guess I was just off center because it was fine after I tried again.

Later this morning, I hopped on the bike, but I quickly changed my mind. The coordination felt off today. I quickly nixed that idea for this day and figured I’d come up with another workout to do.

I noticed a WOD for later this week had a dirty work option using the d-ball. That worked out great because I’ve been wanting to take out my strongman sandbag. I haven’t touched that since last fall. It was a ladder over throwing the sandbag over the shoulder, with rowing in between. Running wasn’t an option with the barrel guys letting their truck idle, so I couldn’t hear traffic.

I fell a little short of their goal, but that was fine for me today. I took my time, being at least a little rusty on using the sandbag. Today I used the hundred and fifteen pounder, and that one is always slower and tougher for me. Isn’t that really the point of it, though? Sure, it was tough, but I couldn’t be more pleased with how the workout went. It really got my heart rate up for the latter portion of the workout, too!

Music was none