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Back On Board With My Twenty Rep Squats And SP Dead Lift Program

It’s been a couple of weeks since I have done either my twenty rep squats or the SP Deadlift program. Not a super long time but probably been since the beginning of January that I’ve done them. The garage was cold. We ere busy running around and more importantly and the real legit reason is I was just feeling a bit run down. My knee was a bit inflamed so I’d find myself not wanting to over do it. It’s been feeling better and I have been feeling more recovered in general now that we’ve done the Christmas thing and all. Hell I think I might have even had a bit of the holiday funk going on.

I started off the morning with the twenty rep squats. Last time I had done 215 pounds and it felt fairly tough. My legs had just been tired. Today I decided to play it smart and back off the weight even a bit more to 205 pounds. I didn’t want to go all the way back to a light weight but wanted to do what I felt would be a smart compromise. I figured the 205 pounds is more than body weight and just a moderate weight but I thought it would be slightly challenging. It was easy. I just took my time and controlled my breath focusing on each rep as if it were a heavy single as I always do and it was over as quickly as I started it.

They felt really light today. My heart rate and body temperature of course got way up but the squats didn’t even feel challenging for me. They’ll get challenging in a hurry though so I will enjoy it being just fun cardio while I can.

After I completed my back squats I moved on to the street parking deadlift program. I kept the weight at what I would have been doing next with these since it is still pretty light. I did two sets at five at a light 200 pounds then 3 triples at 235 pounds. All of my sets felt great today. Super fast and explosive deadlifts with my grip not even giving me a problem yet.

It felt good to get back at it and everything felt easy. My knee was fine so it’s taken that worry that was in the back of my mind out of the picture. I think half of my issue with not doing this stuff was being worried that I’d be disappointed because my knee gave me shit.

Music today was Salem.