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I Did Today's Strength Plus The Parts I Missed On Friday

One of the greatest advantages of working out here at home in our garage is I can do things my way sometimes. I don’t always have to be on a completely set schedule. The flexibility to work around life is easily the best part about it.

Last Friday I only performed my front squats as for one reason or another I was feeling really run down. I ended up deferring the bench and good mornings. My legs were shot from the weighted step ups earlier and my arms were tired. Today I woke up feeling great and well rested. That’s when I started considering making up my lifts from Friday rather than waiting until they come around again next week and keeping the weight the same. I figured I’d see how I felt when I got to that point.

Today I started off the day with some great feeling front squats. They felt a little tougher than they normally would but my legs are tired from the rocky hike yesterday at Money Rocks Park. The squat at 210 for three sets of five felt and looked great though. It was more of a tiredness heavy so I went through them pretty quickly. I kept it at only 3 sets today since I wanted to do my other stuff.

Next up I did my strict press for three sets of five at a moderate 110 pounds. I almost did 115 but I luckily caught my mistake. I mean I wouldn’t have had any issues with it but I wanted to keep on the program. I felt pretty good with the presses. My arm is definitely firing better than it was before. Feels a little weaker but I feel it working instead of over compensating with the other side.

Today was power clean day so that’s what came up next. The 155 pound triples felt nice and explosive today with the bar feeling weightless as I racked it. Sometimes these lighter weights can feel a bit off with the timing but today wasn’t one of those days. They felt great today and looked really nice too.

Just after I finished my cleans my mom called so I talked to for a while. After I got off the phone I was feeling pretty good still so I decided I would make up my lifts from the other day.

Bench press is what I did first and that felt pretty decent today at 155 pounds. I really kept the rest to the minimum between sets since I really didn’t feel like I needed all that much of it. Like it was with the shoulder presses my arm felt like it was firing much better today than it has for quite some time. It feels a bit weaker but felt more weak than tight. They felt pretty good.

Finally I made up my good mornings from Friday. I kept them at 95 pounds with my legs feeling a bit weak after yesterday’s fairly rocky hike. They felt pretty good today and I got through them in short order. I should have gone heavier I guess.

All in all it was a good day and I couldn’t be more thankful for the flexibility to mix things up a bit and keep on schedule.

Music for my strength was Dio.