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Got A Lot Done In The Garage Gym Today

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good. I was a bit tired from having not slept quite long enough, but we went for our walk about five AM. It’s so much nicer in the morning with less traffic and the only real sounds is the distant traffic noise from 283. Our short walk turned into about ¼ miles. In a way, it’s kind of sad that that distance feels like we did nothing, but it is a sign of being in good health. At least today, I woke up early enough that I could drink a cup of coffee before we went out for a walk. Yesterday I got up, took my thyroid pill then we got dressed and off we went. Guess it’s a good thing that I am generally ready to start the day right away when I wake up. I’m not one of those people that takes forever to wake up.

I started out the day in the garage with the front squats. These felt pretty decent, but they were light at 205 pounds. My foot had been bothering me a bit for a couple of days, but that is seemingly better now, so the squats felt great. I may have been getting them a little deeper than I normally do, which is never a bad thing. I just felt like I was moving really well with them. I got through my three sets of five easily today. They felt heavier than they should have, but not bad.

Next up for today were my strict presses at 102 pounds. These felt excellent too, but it’s a light enough weight that if they gave me any problems it’d be a sign that something’s wrong. I easily worked through my three sets of five with no problem, and even threw in a couple of extra sets for more work. Once again, today, I didn’t really notice having any issues with my arm. My shoulder was a little clicky, but not as bad as it had been in the past.

Finally, for my strength session today, I wrapped it up with my deadlifts for five triples at 245 pounds. These felt great today and I easily worked through my five sets. I am much more comfortable with my deadlift for compared to how I had been for the longest time. I sort of always had a rounded upper back, long ago, so that is just one of those things that will always remain in the back of my mind when doing any kind of pulling.

I ate something and relaxed for a while after that. The strength had taken a lot out of me this morning. Once the garage had warmed up a bit, I decided to go back out and tackle today’s WOD

I was surprised at how I did with the WOD. The knees to elbows were quick. I seem to have learned kipping with them, even though the bar is low enough that I can’t really straighten my legs. I imagine I could turn them into toes to bar in short order now. The dumbbells deadlifts and the shoulder racked dumbbell lunges were what slowed me down a bit. I’m not super comfortable with either of those two movements, so I pay more attention to form than speed with them. I feel it would be better not to trash my back reaching lower for the floor with the deadlifts or smash my toes with them. Yes, I have lowered the dumbbells onto my toes, thankfully not too hard, but it still didn’t feel good.

The lunges felt great given the fact that I’ve only done them a few times with the dumbbells on my shoulder and today was the first I used the 40 pound weights instead of the much lighter ones I have used in the past. I took them a bit slower than I needed to, thinking of them as one rep at a time, so I didn’t get sloppy.

In the end, I completed the WOD just about in the middle of the range for the goal time. I used the RX weights but scaled the toes to bar to knees up because of the lower bar we have.

Music for my strength and WOD was alkaloid

Later on in the after my girlfriend got home we did our bro session. By that time I was feeling totally burned out with no energy. I just never really recovered that well from the WOD. Too much movement and too few calories eaten today, I guess. I kept my dumbbells lighter than I normally did and sort of went with the flow, letting my body do what it knows how to do. Somehow even with my zombie like mental state I managed to complete all of my bro lifts even though at times I felt as if I could just take a nap standing there between sets. It felt good to get it done. I don’t know how I did it, but I did it.

Music for the bro shit was A Pale Horse Named Death

We had Salmon for supper again and that turned out great. We’ve missed getting that the past couple of weeks. I don’t know how I managed to stay awake to eat, but I did and enjoyed the salmon, rice and broccoli. Normally, we eat asparagus with the fish, but we forgot to pick that up this week.

We went for a short ½ mile or so walk after we ate supper. Traffic was extra annoying tonight. People just sitting at the stop sign not paying attention, obviously, so we had to eventually walk behind them to cross the street. We also had to wait for cars that couldn’t be bothered to use their turn signals (not that you can even count on them doing what the turn signals indicate.) I don’t know what the difficulty with using turn signals is, but it seems to be a widespread thing. People just don’t take the dangers of a car seriously enough.

All in all it was a great day and I should sleep well tonight!