Sweaty Hands

Finally a day that’s not really that hot for my lifts after this past week. While I knew the weather forecast it was still sort of surprising to me mentally after struggling with the high heat and humidity over the past couple of sessions.

This morning the temperature and dew point were around 70. Certainly not hot but very humid. I debated on turning the air conditioner. I decided not to and tolerate the humidity for today. I love having the option and choice though of whether or not to use it. I did plug in the fan and use it though.

I started off the day with front squats at 195 pounds today. These felt great for me today and looked just about perfect. Super deep and upright front squats today and very explosive ones. I worked my way through them nice and fast. I’ve had at times where my elbows would drop a bit as I got deeper into the sets but I have really been focusing on not allowing that to occur and it’s becoming habit. I think that’s left over from when my upper back tended to round some. The squats felt so great I went with five sets of five throwing in two extras.

Next I did my strict presses. These are getting up there in weight for me at 117 pounds. They felt great today but by this time my hands are getting super sweaty. It was making the bar extra fun to hold onto. I kept wanting to slip around. I easily completed my three sets of five for today.

Finally my last lift for the day was power cleans. Thankfully they were a fairly light 160 pounds for five sets of three. They felt a little sloppy but that was just due to my hands being so sweating that the bar was feeling like trying to hold onto wet ice. I was moving well and all it’s just the the bar kept feeling like it wanted to slip around or right out of my hands. Fortunately It didn’t slip and I didn’t lose the bar and I completed my sets fairly easily.

Music for the lifting was Journey.

We ended up doing our bro session after lunch time. That went pretty well. Nothing special but it wasn’t bad either. It was more of a just do what I need to do for the day sort of day.

We listened to Journey for this too.