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Good Day In The Home Gym After A Lazy Day Yesterday

I have no idea why. Maybe it was the cold. Maybe I just needed a rest day yesterday but I just didn’t feel like doing shit in the garage and I didn’t. I was ready to lift in the morning but then we had to do the grocery stores so I waited too long and got too lazy. It’s fine to have a day like that sometimes. I was also feeling very tired and not able to focus.

Today was different. I was ready to get at my strength.

The back squats were heavier today for me at 230 pounds for three sets of five. They felt and looked great though. Molly said they looked really good too. I didn’t do extra sets today even though I know I could have because of the WOD I was planning on doing right after. The lifts were actually very explosive squats.

Strict presses at 107 felt great for 3 sets of five at 107 pounds. They were nothing special being fairly light. I again didn’t do extra sets because of the light. My arm felt good at least.

Power cleans were weird today at the lighter 155 pounds. I easily got through my five triples at that weight but they for the most part felt a bit off. I was over pulling for one because of the light weight and misjudging how much power I needed. It didn’t help that I was super gassy today and nothing fucks with you’re power cleans more than unexpected farts. 😆 I did them and felt glad that I did them at least.

I did Monday’s WOD for the vault to get it done with. I did shift because to be one hundred percent honest the I would have gotten less out of the regular version this week. Not being able to do wall balls I’d have had to scale it to thrusters anyways. The idea of trying to do certain things in 2 minutes just sets me of for failure because I over think it. Shift was just a round and rest a minute then do the next round. They wanted squat plus press for shift but I scaled them up to thrusters. For each round it took me about a minute and a half to get through them so I was able to death sprint it knowing I was going to have that minute of rest. The shift version was okay for me I guess but I wouldn’t have gotten the intended stimulus out of program A. I would have been much better off just choosing a completely different WOD to do but I have to do this one to complete the 25 vault WODs. At least the lunges are something I’ve gotten really good at after struggling with them for so many years.

Music today was Candlemass