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Failed A WOD Today

Let me first start out with making it clear I wasn’t feeling it at all before I even attempted to do the WOD today. It happens sometimes and thankfully not often at all. We’ll all have some somewhat off days here and there. I think more than anything it’s just the recent heat catching up with me. The last time I just plain couldn’t finish a WOD was when I had gone without thyroid pills for reasons I won’t get into on here. That was just energy failure. Thankfully that isn’t the case today.

It feels pretty good today. A bit warm but not all that humid. I slept well enough. Got my resting heart rate back down to 50 now that it’s cooler but I thing I am just mentally burnt out.

The WOD was supposed to be run 200 meters, 15 sandbag back squats then max rep sandbag burpees in 7 rounds of 3 minutes. I hate this sort of WOD because I can’t easily keep track of everything myself and the running will always be an issue due to traffic.

I attempted it though. The run started out with tripping over my own feet. The squats felt really awkward trying to do them with one foot in a dip in the yard yet I didn’t want to waste time to find a flatter area. The burpees felt bad with my feet slipping on stones. I rolled my ankle the second run when A butterfly practically flew into my eye and I stepped sideways off the edge or the road to avoid it.

It was at that point I decided fuck it. Today isn’t my day to do a WOD. The way things were going a tree was likely to blow down on me.

I just decided to relax and not sweat it. I did try some of the peanut butter whiskey that my girlfriend bought for me. I’ve been curious to try it since one of the local bars we used to walk to posted about having it. COVID happened and we didn’t go. We went to the state store Yesterday on the way home from picking up the air conditioner. We were out of Rum. The Skrewball peanut butter stuff was surprisingly good. I had no idea what to expect from it and was pleasantly surprised. Even Molly liked it and she’s not a whiskey drinker in any way. Just like with food, I like to try new alcohols that I haven’t had yet.