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I've Been Too Lazy To Do WODS The Past Couple Of Days But That Ends Today

Over the past couple of days I have basically been too lazy to do a WOD. I’ve done my strength stuff on the days I was supposed to but didn’t do the WODS. I am perfectly fine with that too. I don’t do rest days per se but I do rest when I feel like I need it. Maybe I needed it the past few days or maybe it was just the waking up with a nasty headache from a stuffy head thanks to all of the lovely pollen.

Another issue has been my stomach feeling a bit off. I am sure that’s caused by swallowing all of the mucus. It happens every spring for me. The postnasal drip builds up in the back of the throat. I don’t think it’s actually allergies but the dusty pollen does irritate me to a point.

I think the bigger factor with my lull in WODS is that I was mentally drained from doing the WOD with all of the box jumps and step ups. Those just had me completely mentally drained. The big sets of 30 just burn me out with the always in the back of my mind what ifs. I realize and accept my visual impairment does increase the risk for me.