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Lifts Felt Great This Morning But The WOD Was Brutal

I had another good night’s sleep last night. I don’t think I even woke up at all. I know I didn’t get up to piss. I woke up feeling really refreshed this morning and felt even better after relaxing and enjoying my coffee.

After having fun with Brooke before taking her to the bus stop I got clanged and got at my strength. She made me pizza and salad with the dominoes. I love that she has a great imagination. I didn’t even need my jacket to go to the bus stop with her since it was in the mid 60s.

The heavy back squats were up first this morning. They didn’t feel too bad at all and really looked great. Much better than last time. I did my three sets of five pretty easily at that 240 pounds. Last time the squats felt a little off but there was none of those shenanigans today. They were just nice text book high bar squats, or at least as close as I can probably get to that. I felt as if I absolutely could have done five sets today instead of three but I didn’t want to test my luck too much.

Next up I had my strict presses at 112 pounds this morning. These felt pretty heavy to me but felt pretty good. The best thing about them is that my arm felt fine again. Even after all the pull ups and push ups I’ve been doing it’s not getting too aggravated. I took my time and got through five sets of five at the 112 pounds.

I wrapped up my lifting with my five triples of deadlifts at 245 pounds. I took my time and rested between sets as I twisted my knee yet again last night walking on one of the many poorly maintained sidewalks in this town.

Shortly after the lifting session was done I decided to get back out there and do a WOD. Lots of burpees and sandbag on the shoulder step ups is what the WOD I chose to do was all about. It was a lot more brutal than I thought it would be but at least the step ups were all unbroken for each of the sets of 30. The burpees were what gave me a hard time. I just was completely unable to do them fast at all today so I just picked a way at the 30 reps. I think it was a combination of the heavy squats that I’d done earlier in the morning and the fact that I twisted my knee good last night that was holding me back with them. I didn’t even come close to the goal time but I did get a good workout in.

Music today was Obscura