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Good Day Lifting, Rough Day With The WOD Today

Today was one of those days that I woke up and wasn’t able to just get right at the day. My head was super stuffy and I still felt tired. I skipped the walk and drank my coffee instead slowly having my sinuses clear and my brain waking up.

I started out with the back squats. These were a nice fairly heavy 235 pounds today. Even so I got through them easily enough. With them being up there in weight and the way I felt this morning I figured I would just do the three sets of five and nothing extra. I wanted to to save some of that energy for the deadlifts and that WOD I planned on dong later. The squats really didn’t feel heavy though and felt really good. I could have easily done extra today but just didn’t want to.

Shoulder presses were up next. I did my three sets of five of the strict presses at 110 pounds today. They were a moderate weight but they thankfully felt a lot better than last time. Maybe I just ate better yesterday and not drinking last night certainly helped. I quickly worked through my sets with no problems at all.

Lastly for my strength portion of working out today I had my deadlifts. These felt surprisingly good for the five triples that I did at 255 pounds. I felt like I had a bit better of a setup with my deadlifts today than I did last time. My grip felt great too. I easily got through my sets with no problems at all. I didn’t even have to reset my grip at all today. All of my lifts looked good and were nice fast and explosive lifts.

It was just one of those good days for my lifts where it went much better than I expected it to go. I like days like that. It makes the lifting all the more enjoyable when weird stuff isn’t going wrong.

Shortly after I finished my lifting I decided to get right at the WOD. I felt like it’s one of those days that the longer I wait to do it the less likely it becomes that I will be bothered to do it. It wasn’t a WOD I was looking forward to really. It was one from last week that had a lot of sandbag hop overs and ground to overhead plus front rack lunges. It was one of those days where every thing went wrong with the WOD.

I tripped over the sandbag during the hop overs who knows how many times. They seem like a good exercise for sure but to me because of my poor vision and lack of side to side body awareness at times they’re and endless source of frustration for me. I have occasional times when I can go pretty fast at them but they’re still few and far between. Today was one of those slow days.

Of course with the ground to overhead I hit the ceiling or at least something hanging from the ceiling, maybe the chain for the light a few times. That threw me off on them and slowed me down. I even had a few missteps with the lunges and that’s a rare thing for me anymore. I got movement and a WOD in. Maybe not the best WOD but it was what was happening on this day.

Later on when Molly got home from work we did today’s shift version of the WOD together. It was just dumbbell power cleans and goblet squats. I modified it a bit and rather than doing goblet squats I just did squats with both dumbbells racked. I figured it would be a little faster for me and a little heavier. I didn’t have to mess around putting one or both of the dumbbells down to do goblet squats. That allowed me to do multiple rounds unbroken and get a better workout in. It served the purpose that I wanted it to serve. I got good movement in and got my heart rate way up and got a fairly intense workout in. It was great to do a WOD together too. I want to do the non shift version of the WOD outside when weather permits since it’s a test and that way I could drop the barbell.

Music for my lifting and WOD was Meshuggah.