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I Felt Really Rushed To Get To My Lifts Today

I woke up early this morning, and we debated on whether we wanted to go out for breakfast. We’ve been wanting to do that for a while not, but haven’t actually gone through with it. We ate pretty heavy last night, so ended up not going out this morning.

I got out in the garage gym bright and early this morning since my lifts were all going to be light, and I didn’t anticipate any chance of missing a lift unless I had an unexpected injury. I worry about dropping the bar and disturbing the neighbors if I go out there too early.

My back squats came up first. I did three sets of five of them at one hundred and ninety-five pounds. They felt a hell of a lot lither and easier than those heavy ones on Friday. It was nice to be back to more of a recovery type of weight after last week’s heaviness and the ridiculous number of lunges in yesterday’s WOD. I got through my three sets of five pretty quickly and did two extra sets since I was working fast.

Next up I had bench press. I had to do my bench press. These were fairly light at one hundred and fifty pounds today. They felt great, and I wound up doing five sets to get some more work in. They felt a lot better than last time, when I felt a little off with them.

Lastly, I moved on to my good mornings. My legs are still feeling drained from those lunges, so I kept it lighter for this morning at just ninety-five pounds for my three sets of ten. I got through them pretty quickly, and the stretching felt especially good on my glutes and hamstrings.

Music For the lifting was Dio

It wasn’t that I felt that I had to rush to get through my lifts. It was more that I felt like I had to get to them as soon as possible because who knew what time we were leaving. Trying to schedule can be a mess with all the grandkids doing things.

When we got up to Denise’s we gave the grandson his Easter stuff first since we hadn’t been able to do that yet. We wanted it to be separate from his birthday, which was last Friday.

Once Kimmy got there, Little Sadie asked me to get on the floor like this. She doesn’t know what to call it, so she shows me. She wants a horsey ride. Every time I see here, she wants one, and I am glad I am able to do it. Of course, Brooke wanted to hop on too. Carter saw us, and he wanted to get on too, so I set a new PR. All three of them at once. I felt that in my core, trying to hold all three of them. All three of them laughing was just priceless.