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Feels Like I'm Back To One Hundred Percent

Even though my leg felt much better last week I was still having the occasional tightness. Essentially even right after my quad popped I had full mobility, just a lot of discomfort but that slowly improved.

Last week I only managed one or two WODS and we did our Crossfit total. I didn’t want to risk fucking up my leg so we could go out hiking / geocaching but that didn’t really happen as Molly was mad that the sun was dimmed. I did a body weight WOD on Saturday with lots of lunges, air squats and burpees and that felt good, both during and after. My intention was to do a WOD yesterday but I lost track of time waiting for the garage to warm up a bit. It’s too early and warm to turn the heater on but just a little chilly in the mornings. I’ve lost a lot of fat from this time last year so that doesn’t help.

This morning I did my strength. I reset all of my weights to start fresh since I’ve had a nice longish (by my standards) rest period. My weights will get back up there in no time. It’s not a sprint, it’s more similar to a marathon.

I did only 185 for the back squats. I did do two extra sets to sort of get things moving again. They felt really good today again and I noticed zero favoring one side or anything like that so that’s certainly a good thing to know. My weights will get back up there in short order doing them every other day.

I did 95 pounds for the shoulder press. Light but that’ll move up there pretty quickly too. I was pleasantly surprised since my shoulder was feeling weird from sleeping with my neck twisted up weird last night.

The deadlifts were basically a shit show but in a good way. I reset that weight back to 235 pounds and they felt great today. The DL were where my angry leg really reared it’s ugliness last week. I just couldn’t get set up right for anything above 235 pounds. The tightness was just making it impossible. That was not an issue at all today at least but the shit show was that I did 5 x 3 instead of 5 x 1. Given that I reset all of my weights I didn’t look at what I was supposed to do today and I got it into my head that I was doing five sets of three deadlifts. I don’t know where that fucking idea came from but it was there. The good thing is I got through it quite easily.

Later on in the evening I did a sandbag version of one of last week’s WODS with Molly. Sandbag back squats, push presses (strict in my case) and hop overs. It again felt really good. Even felt good when I had several awkward landings tripping over the sandbag during the hop overs. I knew that would eventually occur. It’s inevitable even. I just don’t have the side to side vision with having one good idea so I just don’t have the best mental map for lateral space.