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Christmas Day Lifts And A WOD Today

It’s Christmas day now and due to my COVID we’re not supposed to be going anywhere. We weren’t comfortable with it to begin with but my test sort of took that right out of our hands. I never wanted to be a part of the risk others are taking with their poor choices.

The other thing that it took away was our max out day that was to be today. I want to recover a bit more before going heavy. Maybe mid January or something it’ll work out. I can’t complain too much though considering I don’t really feel I lost much if any strength and my WOD performances have only slowed down slightly.

Although Molly did something else we could manage to lift together without really interfering with each other so that was a lot of fun! If I had one complaint about our garage gym and it’s a very minor complaint at that it would be that we don’t quite have enough space to do everything together. We’re really lucky and happy to have what we do have though. It’s a lot more than many people have!

I am back on my every other day schedule for my starting strength and that has been feeling pretty good. First thing up for today was my back squats at 200 freedom units. They felt great as they should have being pretty light. I worked through the sets very quickly adding a solid pause at the bottom of the last rep of each set to make things a bit more interesting. I also did five sets of the squats rather than the three since that’s been working well for me.

After the squats I had to do my strict presses which were pretty light and easy at 100 pounds. I did them with a very short rest between sets today. I also did the extra sets of lifts given they felt good and that’s seemed to have been helpful to me.

Finally I was up to the deadlifts at 245. Rather than singles I did sets of three given the lightness and I want to get used to more volume on the DL for now. I also decided I would start using my 2pood belt (I got the one with donuts on it because why the fuck not? ) on these. This is the one lift I really thought the belt would be beneficial to me but I want to get used to using it a bit before the heavier weights get here. I thought that would be a good idea considering I’ve never worn a belt before. It felt good and I think it will be helpful to sort of have that to brace against. I can’t say yet whether the belt is

We did today’s Christmas WOD together in the early afternoon. It was just 4 rounds of 25 burpees and 50 air squats. The WOD it self wasn’t difficult or anything, more less just an annoying one and a pain in the ass to count. The first time through the burpees I had something in my shoe so I stopped to get it out. Then I wasted what seemed like a good minute trying to tie it again. You know how it is, the faster that you try to do something the more it goes totally wrong. It was a pretty good workout and I was able to get my heart rate pretty high and yet again confirm that I haven’t really lost that much. I’m not comfortable with pushing it to the point that I am breathing fire yet but that will come with time.

Music for the WOD and the lifting was Soundgarden. Something we both like!